Are you someone who needs help making grocery shopping simple? Maybe it’s just “not your thing”. For you it might just drain you and you need a nap when it’s all said and done.

Or maybe you love grocery shopping. This was me growing up.  It was seriously one of my favorites.  I loved roaming the aisles looking for the latest and greatest “fun” foods.  In high school & college I would shop for people I babysat for and loved when they sent me to the store.  I love looking at food labels and trying different things. 

When I realized this was not the norm, I knew I had a niche and could teach others.  Maybe I can’t teach you how to love it like I do but I hope to teach you some tips so it is just a bit more enjoyable to get the healthy things you need. I still love it but it looks a little different these days with 3 small kiddos.

Let’s dive right in and learn how to grocery shop with 3 Simple Tips, 

1. Eat before grocery shopping :).  This will help you stick to only buying what you need and sticking to your list.

2. Have a list.  By planning out your meals and making a grocery list before you head to the grocery, will help you only purchase what is on your meal plan, avoiding unnecessary and often unhealthy food choices. Use your menu on to create your list.

3. Try to stay on the outside of the aisle.  Most of the freshest foods are on the outsides of the aisles.  There may be a few things such as oils, alternative sweeteners, coffee, and tea but for the most part you can get most of your needs on the outside aisles. 

There are many more ways to enhance your healthy grocery shopping.  For more tips I would love to have you join our community.  on our membership site I’ve shared more ways to enhance your healthy grocery shopping and have included a video to help explain everything. Join Here