Photo by Liana Mikah on Unsplash

Mom’s work hard, it’s a fact.  We take care of ALL.THE.THINGS!  So on Mother’s Day you should get a treat you love!  In my world it’s all the healthyish things.  Whether food products, kitchen gadgets (I love a good kitchen gadget), or a Spa treatment, you deserve it mom.  I put together a list of my favorite things or maybe a thing or two I’m hoping to getJ

1. Workout clothes

I love workout clothes.  They’re comfy, practical, and can be super cute.  Also, there’s no excuse not to workout when you’re already dressed for the occasion.  Right now my fave workout pants are the Align pant from Lululemon, and their sports bra’s are the BOMB! They hold it all in.  The Align pants literally feel like butter.

Another favorite workout brand is Fabletics, you can order 2 pairs of pants for ONLY $24 and they’re a lot like Lululemon but a fraction of the cost.

I haven’t had a chance to try these yet but it looks like a winner. A sports bra for the nursing momma!! Check it out HERE.

2. Single High Speed Blender

Want to stay healthy but can’t find the time? With a single serving high speed blender you can prep some smoothie bags (even a 30 day supply) in single bags. Take a bag out, toss in some almond milk (or milk of choice) and blend it up. Healthy smoothie in seconds. Grab yours HERE

3. Chocolate!

Hello don’t we all need a piece of chocolate every once in a while?? One of my favorites is Enjoy Life, these are dairy and soy free.  Looking to cut back on sugar?  Try Lilly’s chocolate sweetened with stevia (found at pretty much any grocery store).

4. Amazon Gift Card

I mean can you go wrong with this??  I always have an ongoing wish list on Amazon. 

5. Spa Service

Ok so a day at the spa would be great but the reality for a new momma who nurses just doesn’t have the time for an all day event away from the baby.  So maybe a service or 2.  Any self-care in my book is an awesome gift.  Especially when you aren’t sleeping through the night.

6. Heirloom necklace

A necklace with my children’s initial.  The one I found is HERE and you get 20% off your first order! Super cute!