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Don’t Self-Sabotage during Festival/Holiday seasons

I live in Louisiana, the land of fun, food, festivals, and all things celebrations!!  Ya’ll we know how to celebrate and we usually celebrate BIG with food.  There’s always food. I’ve come to realize that no matter what season of the year we’re in, there is always a holiday and always good food.  New Year’s, Valentines Day, Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Easter, Graduations, Weddings, Summertime BBQ’s and Crawfish boils, 4th of July, Back to school bash, Fall festivals, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, get the picture??  Always an “excuse” to splurge.  SO how do we stay healthy, or not self-sabotage, during these seasons?

How can we enjoy these “holidays” and still reach our #healthgoals?

I didn’t want to put another blog out there in cyber world about “staying healthy during the holidays”, because let’s face it, some just don’t want to do that.  BUT we can at least not “self-sabotage” during these times.  That means simply enjoying them but not adding extra weight to our waist lines that will only make us miserable in the long run.

Let’s get right to it.  Here are some tips on how to not self-sabotage during festivals and Holidays:


Stay hydrated.  90% of the time when we think we are hungry we are really just thirsty.  By staying hydrated this will help you make decisions on when you are really hungry.  Try drinking at least half your body weight in oz of water each day.  EX: 200lb person should take in 100 oz of water. 


Enjoy your favorite dishes, there’s no reason to feel like you are missing out all the time at your favorite celebration. BUT portion control will help you to not sabotage your health and body.  (There’s a time to give up certain foods for health or weight loss goals but that’s for another post)


Know which foods are your faves and save your calories for them.  If you’re going to a festival and looking forward to a fave food, then save for that food and enjoy.  Don’t eat the extra’s that you don’t really like, it isn’t worth the calories. 

If you have a favorite Holiday event, party, or family meal, save for it.  For instance, at Christmas we go to 4 different homes, I LOVE going to my parents for brunch, so I enjoy the foods there and skimp on others during the day that aren’t my favorites.


Try to get in a workout the day of the festival or party, and make sure to get one in the next day.  It will help you burn extra calories, shed excess water, and get right back on track with your regular healthy eating.


Don’t allow unhealthy food choices to creep into the next day or your normal healthy routine.  Enjoy the day and jump back to your healthy routine the following day.  For example,, around the holidays it’s super easy to allow leftovers to hang around for a while and create a new unhealthy habit.  Or from a festival you may be tempted to continually visit restaurants that were at the festival to re-live those good times. 

These are just a few of the tips I follow to stay healthy and not sabotage my health and still celebrate big down here in the south! 

I hope you enjoy these posts.  I’d love to hear from you on what you want learn, send in your questions to