I know we value our workouts.  They help us reach our goals, keep us healthy, energized, or simply having more confidence, but sometimes it can seem almost impossible to make them fit into our busy schedules.  No matter how important they are to us it can often seem like something always gets in the way. 

Here are 5 tips to help you stay on track.

1. Schedule it!

Write it in your calendar or put it in your phone just like you would an important meeting, and don’t let anything get in the way.  This can’t be the liquid thing that moves if something else important comes up, and you can’t skip it if you aren’t “feeling it” when your alarm goes off 

I know I hear it all the time, “Emily if my boss calls and I have to take a meeting with him then my workout gets cancelled.”  So then you may need to make your workout happen first thing in the morning so nothing can get in the way.  You’ve got this girl!  You can do it!

2. Grab a friend!

Whether you workout together or just text each other when it’s done, having an accountability partner can make a huge difference.  When we know someone else is counting on us we are more likely to get it done!

3. Keep a Fitness journal

By keeping track of your workouts you will be able to see what you are accomplishing and how far you have come.  As you get stronger and see the results your looking for it is easier to stick to it.  You won’t want to miss your workout, you’ll want to keep getting closer to your goals.

4. Variety

If you easily get bored then make sure you are changing up your workouts.  Add something new each month or even each week if you need to.  Being consistent and sticking to your workouts, even if they are different each week, is better than only working out a few times a month because you are bored.

5. Reward Yourself

Set a goal and give yourself a reward when you reach it.  Do you want to lose 8-10 lbs in a month?  Maybe reward yourself with a new outfit once you reach it.  Or is your goal simply to workout 3 days a week?  Try rewarding yourself with a new pair of shoes once you accomplish it.  Remember to set realistic goals.  Check out our post on setting realistic goals and reaching them!